B2B Pavilion is a feature that activates on 14th & 15th Dec providing exclusive access to Business visitors. It’s purpose is to enable Industry to generate leads and connect business visitors with Industry to do business related activities.

Add-ons are features for customized needs. It is recommended to use add-ons when you feel any plan is limiting to your requirement/needs.

Launchpad is a feature to enable industry to showcase their new products to farmers.

Product demonstrations and recorded videos can be shown in the Demo tab. This can be done once you purchase the “Add On” of Demo.

Pavilions are the different categories under which all the participating products are classified.

Live sessions are live webinar sessions conducted by Industry for farmers. Yes, the recordings of every session are available 24x7 for farmers.

You can launch as many products in the Launch tab. You get the facility to showcase 1 new launch in 1 add on purchase. For every new launch, you have to buy the add on.

Farmers can click on “Call me” button when none of your representatives are available.
The company will receive a notification over their dashboard and will assign a team representative to reach out to the respective farmer.

Special offer is an add-on that enables companies to list their offers in a dedicated tab. It highlights your products and provides better visibility to the farmers.

The industries will receive the data (Mobile no, Email and Location) of all the farmers who contact them. This can be via call, whatsapp, or request a call back.

“Demo” add-on helps to present your top product on a dedicated page. It increases the visibility of your stand out product.

These features are available only as add-ons. For each Demo or Special offer or/and Launchpad add-on you could present only one product. If you need to present more than one product in any of the features you could buy separate add-ons for each product.

No, there is no limit. You could add as many team members by purchasing as many team member add-ons.

1 live webinar is part of the green plan. In basic plan, you can buy “Add ons”.

Compared to other market places we don't sell anything! Since 1993, KISAN has hosted this event with an objective to bring the technology closer to farmers. You would meet genuine farmers with verified mobile numbers and over 2 lakh farmers are expected to connect on KISAN 2020 platform.

Yes, it will be available in English, Marathi & Hindi.

The info on the platform will be available to farmers from 1st - 31st December 2020.

You can upload product images and videos after completing the online booking process. This will be done through your dashboard from 27-November onwards.

There is no last date for uploading products / videos. However, the farmers will start seeing the products from 1 December onwards. Also, the business clients can start contacting you from 1 December onwards. So sooner the better!

Pricing & Payment

You have to pay separately for each product you wish to launch in Launch pad.

New arrivals or new launches would be highlighted so it would be helpful to catch the attention of the farmers.

The entry fee for the farmers will be Rs 100/- (only).

1 default as per your product category + 3 extra pavilions can be purchased.

Through payment gateways. No, cash isn’t acceptable

There is no such option. Participate for all days and get the maximum output from your participation at KISAN 2020.

KISAN provides two pricing plans/options for Indian participants and one plan for International participants.

  • For Indian participants, the two plans are Basic and Green.
  • Basic plan costs ₹10,000 which provides access to only one team member.
  • Green plans costs ₹50,000 which provides access to 10 team members and access to 1 live session to organise webinars for 30 minutes with a capacity of 1000 attendees.

There are no refunds once payment is done. Also, KISAN 2020 promises 2 lakh+ farmers joining the exhibition through mobile app. So we are confident that KISAN will turn out to be an effective medium for you. However, KISAN does not guarantee leads and footfall. We suggest you keep engaging videos and images to attract more farmers to your online listing.


KISAN 2020 is a platform where industries & farmers can connect with each other. It’s going to be a mobile only exhibition this year. Agri Companies can connect with farmers from anywhere, anytime. They can showcase unlimited products, show product demonstrations and launch new products and host live webinars. It is going to be organized from 16th-20th December.

KISAN is providing a platform to farmers and industries to connect and interact with each other.

KISAN provides a platform for industries who can come over, launch and showcase their products and give information about it to the farmers.

Agri companies & farmers can only participate in this event. Farmers, business visitors and industries would be benefitted from KISAN 2020.

KISAN 2020 provides the best platform for the industries to reach out to the maximum number of potential farmers and interact with them. They can also launch their products with the help of KISAN 2020.

From the last decades, it was held physically. However, due to the pandemic, this is the very first time when KISAN 2020 is going to be a mobile exhibition, providing larger reach and more convenience.